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If it’s friendly, colourful hens that lay lots of eggs then these are the ones for you. All our hens for sale are fully vaccinated (certificate provided on purchase). They are friendly docile and make terrific pets. We have a wide range of hybrid chickens for sale in Lincolnshire, ready for you to pick up from our own farm just 10 miles away from Boston.



We offer FREE lifetime support, help & advice for the lifetime of your hens. This is especially helpful to beginners knowing Sharon & myself are always on hand to answer your questions.

As our stock changes daily it is advisable to phone first to check availability. If you have any questions you need answering before getting your hens then give us a ring, we are here to help.


Copper Black

Chicken House Copper 150x150 Hens For Sale

  • Copper Black Maran base hybrid
  • Produces very high quality eggs
  • Large percentage of eggs have very dark brown shells
  • An excellent choice for varied colour egg production
  • Price: £15.00 each

Pied Suffolk

Chicken House Pied 150x150 Hens For Sale

  • A striking black and white feathered brown egg layer.
  • Large farmyard type fowl with very thick plumage and good body weight.
  •  Rhode Island Red based hybrids
  • Prolific egg production
  • Excellent shell quality
  • Hardy bird and well suited to our climate
  • Price: £15.00 each

Chicken House Blue

Chicken House Blue 150x150 Hens For Sale

  • Very attractive silver-grey
  • Large free range brown egg layer
  • Very docile and friendly
  • Great with children
  • Price: £15.00 each

Columbrian Blacktail

Chicken House Blacktail 150x150 Hens For Sale

  •  Rhode Island Red based breed
  • Combines all the production and economic benefits associated with a modern hybrid with the traditional good looks of the chestnut plumage
  • Hardy and docile it suits any system
  • Price: £15.00 each

Chicken House White

Chicken House Coral 150x150 Hens For Sale

  • A pure white hen with an upright stance
  • Bred from the White Leghorn (so very good layer)
  • Potential to lay up to 320 white eggs in its first year
  • Docile friendly nature make ideal pets
  • Price: £15.00 each


Chicken House Cuckoo 150x150 Hens For Sale

  • French Maran based hybrid, very friendly and inquisitive.
  • An excellent balance of egg colour, shell quality and production
  • Price: £15.00 each

Rhode Rock

rock Hens For Sale

  • Bred for over 40 years
  • Capable of laying 280-300 high quality eggs a year
  • Robust yet docile brown egg layer is highly productive in any management system
  • Price: £15.00 each


Chicken House Crested 150x150 Hens For Sale

  • The chicken house crested is a very popular hen and a great little character.
  • Bred from the cream crested legbar
  • Approximately 90% lay blue/green coloured eggs with the rest pastel coloured
  • Price: £20.00 each


Chicken House Sussex 150x150 Hens For Sale

  • An excellent sex linked utility strain of the very popular and attractive Light Sussex.
  • Very good domestic bird
  • An eye catching addition any flock
  • Hardy
  • Good for beginners
  • Fast maturing
  • Price: £15.00 each